A Star on the Rise:

As a singer, Noah carries the torch of the greats, blending nostalgia with modern charm in every performance. His captivating voice has resonated through prestigious venues such as the Beaches Jazz Fest, Richmond Hill Center for the Performing Arts, Casino Rama, and Koerner Hall. A defining moment in his career came at 18, with a solo performance for Alma Deutscher’s opera at Koerner Hall, celebrating Glenn Gould’s 95th birthday, presented by the Glenn Gould Foundation – a performance that garnered widespread acclaim.

Versatility and Collaboration:

In the recording studio, Noah’s versatility is unmistakable. His singles “Someone Else” and “Way Back When” highlight his range, while his album “All I Wanna Say” is a heartfelt tribute to the musical influences that shaped him. Before turning 20, Noah had already collaborated with renowned artists such as Elaine Overholt, Glenn Morley, Alma Deutscher, Bill King, Anthony Wright, and Charles T. Cozens, and his symphony orchestra, marking his presence in the music industry.

Continued Success

Now, Noah lights up stages across the GTA with diverse acts, from the vibrant ‘Noah Kosta (the “kid crooner”) and the Boys’ to intimate solo performances, constantly broadening his repertoire. For Noah, each note is a step towards his dream: creating music that not only resonates with hearts but also inspires future generations.

About Noah Kosta:

Noah Kosta is a Canadian singer and performer known for his captivating voice and timeless charm. Inspired by the classics of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Noah has carved a niche for himself in the music industry, captivating audiences with his soulful performances. With a repertoire ranging from jazz standards to contemporary hits, Noah continues to enchant audiences across Canada and beyond.

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